A Postcard From Avignon

Recently, our Rugby World Cup 2023 customer service team flew to France to ensure it’s ready for our Supporters to experience come September.

One of the cities they visited was Avignon. Boasting some world-famous attractions like the Musee du Petit Palais, Basilique Saint Pierre and so much more. If its character and history aren’t enough of a seduction, its proximity to France’s most famous grapes will scratch that itch.

Since returning from France, I caught up with Head of Customer Experience, Louise who let me know her experiences whilst there. This is her postcard from Avignon:

“Sadly, we only had a very short time in Avignon and although it isn’t a Rugby World Cup destination, it is somewhere that we would highly recommend for a visit.

“Steeped in history, this ancient walled city is paved with cobbled streets and stunning architecture. One the capital of the papacy in the 13th Century, this city has also chalked up a UNESCO World Heritage status. You would not be short of a place to eat or drink in this beautiful city, as it is teaming with cuisine to suit all tastes and requirements.

“A couple of us got up early and headed up to the Palais de Papes. We climbed to the top to marvel at the view and watch the beautiful Southern France sunrise. A very chilly morning at the top required a very hot coffee on the way back down and another chance to weave through the ancient streets.

“We tracked our way around the city walls, nestled on the banks of the Rhone, and caught an impressive glimpse of the Pont D’Avignon. Even though the bridge is a feat of engineering, it had been destroyed and rebuilt over the centuries. However, during the flood of 1669, the bridge sadly found its demise when a huge wave swept through the Rhone and tore half of it away. Only four of the 22 arches survived. It’s still a very impressive half-bridge!

“The Avignon Centre Gare is a stone’s throw away from the city centre for onward connecting journeys, although it is worth noting that most of the trains will go through Avignon TGV, which is the main train station, about 5 mins on the train (with a change).

“It is a beautiful city, steeped in rich history, and is a must-visit when in France come September!”

We will see you there soon!

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