Postcard From Bordeaux

At the end of last year, MSG’s own Ben and Jen ventured over to the Basque Region with Mill Hill School. They visited many different cities, from Anglet to Bilbao, San Sebastian to Bayonne. However, the most important one for our Rugby World Cup fans was Bordeaux.

Bordeaux will be the site of Wales’ first pool match of RWC 2023 against Fiji on September 10th. A fixture we have seen at the previous four tournaments, with Wales coming out on top the most recent three times. It promises to be a match for the history books. Will Wales come out on top again, or will Fiji cause a shock upset?

Since returning from Basque Country, I caught up with Ben to find out what his experiences were like and what our Supporters have in store. This is his postcard from Bordeaux:

“My recent inspection visits to the south of France and north of Spain provided me with a wealth of new and enriching experiences. A city associated with rich wine and delicious pastries, Bordeaux. My colleague Jen and I first witnessed the sport-crazy side of the region when France played Morocco in the FIFA World Cup semi-final. We wandered through the city and saw crowds of costumed and face-painted fans singing and cheering, “Allez les Bleus… Allez les Bleus.

“Along the Place de la Bourse – Bordeaux’s sweeping riverside centre-piece – bars, restaurants, and cafés overflowed with groups huddled around televisions, waiting for staff precariously ferrying tray after tray of beers out at an impressive rate. When France scored, the roars were followed by red, white, and blue fireworks, illuminating both the sky and the Garonne. An incredible spectacle!

“As someone with close ties to the south of France and Bordeaux in particular, I had always associated the city with its incredible array of food and drink. This night completely transformed my perception. The passion of the locals, the liveliness of the streets, and the abundance of establishments all combined to remind me that Bordeaux will provide the ideal sporting experience for our RWC supporters.”

It won’t only be an electric atmosphere in the stadium, but the surrounding area will be just as lively come September 10th.

We can't wait to take it all in with you!



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