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BE PART OF THE SOLUTION is the Head for Change’ mantra and that’s exactly what MSG want to be. There is so much we get to take from the game of rugby as fans: the camaraderie and banter amongst fellow supporters in stadiums and pubs. The countries we get to visit and the people we get to meet. And, the ‘I was there’ moments when last-minute tries are scored or unexpected trophies are lifted.

We get these moments because of the sacrifices the players make. Because of the risks the players take. Without the players, supporters, like us, would never get to have these special moments that rugby gives us. That’s why MSG want to BE PART OF THE SOLUTION, partnering with ‘Head for Change’ for our Rugby World Cup 2023 tours.

“We are determined to continue to raise awareness and educate people about sports-related dementia in rugby.

With your support, we are fundraising for much needed research in the prevention and cure for early onset dementia and neurogenerative disease in the sport we love.

The money raised will go directly towards the education, care and support and potential treatments in rugby through Head for Change." – Alix Popham (Head for Change founder & former Welsh rugby player)

Who are Head for Change?

Head for Change is a new charity, pioneering positive change for brain health in sport and supporting ex-players who are affected by neurodegenerative diseases as a result of their career playing football or rugby.

Their goal is to create a safe space for our sporting heroes, past, present, and future that suffer from sports-related brain injuries and connect with the best brains in science and research to make positive change.

Trustee Mel Popham and her husband Alix, former Wales Rugby International, who has been diagnosed with early onset dementia at the age of 41, have spoken out publicly in recent weeks to raise awareness of the need for change in professional rugby.

It is hoped that, in addition to raising much needed funds to support the charity’s three pillars of work; Care and Support, Education and Advocacy, and Research, the partnership will share the important message of player safety with all those who fundraise and donate towards the activity.

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