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Important rider information

Are non-riders welcome on the trip?

Travelers with companions who prefer not to cycle can still experience the event. On certain scheduled departures, non-riders can explore the best of the region off the bike as they shop, hike, discover local culture, or make the most of hotel pools and spas, then re-join the group at pre arranged stops or in the evening.

Since guides are focused on supporting cyclists during daily rides, alternate transportation may be required for non-riders. Our price per person is the same for riders and non-riders. Please email us for more info on this to let us know that you are a non rider.

How do you accommodate varying riding abilities?

Everything we do is driven by a spirit of fun and adventure. For some, that means stopping to smell the flowers, while others may want to ride hard. Our guide-to-guest ratio is never larger than 10:1 (and often much smaller!), enabling us to make everyone happy. On day 1 we will make a best attempt to group riders into similarly capable groups. This isn’t an exact science and riders are free to move around groups during the trip.

We also offer another great equalizer: electric assist. An e-bike can provide an extra boost to your own pedal power, so you can ride longer distances, tackle tougher climbs, and maintain a faster pace in the company of family or friends who cycle at a different level.

How do you accommodate dietary restrictions?

We go above and beyond to meet your dietary needs and communicate your restrictions, allergies, and preferences for restaurant meals, cooking classes, and culinary experiences. Once you’ve booked your tour, we gather detailed information about your dietary preferences to alert your guides in advance.

Should I purchase travel protection?

Yes. We insist that all our clients hold a separate health and travel insurance policy while on our trips that covers them to undertake cycling activities. None of our trips are competitive or races so you don’t need this specialty race cover. In most instances standard travel insurance will apply.

What fitness level do I need for the event?

We don’t expect our participants to all be racing snakes. We cater for a huge variety of finesses and you will be grouped by the ride leader team according to your level. This means that you should always be in a group with a similar level of fitness. It’s also important to remember that our events are not races so there is no cut-off time.

There’s always the e-bikes option as well which are incredible and can take the edge off those steep hills but still give you a great challenge.

How should I train for the event?

We work with lots of great training partners so can always put you in touch with a coach if you want to get in top shape before the event.

What kind of support can I expect while on tour?

Our support team will ensure that everything from your bags to your bikes are in the right place. We always try to ensure that you are ready to ride every morning, fully fuelled and ready to go.

What level of mechanical support is provided?

Our mechanics will check your bike over at the start of the event to ensure it is road worthy. During the event they will be available at various points to assist should you get a major mechanical issue. They will do their best to get your bike working again and back on the road. This may be a temporary fix to get you to the end of the event. Due to the huge number of different parts and manufacturers it is impossible for them to hold lots of technical spares. All riders should have a spare inner tube with them each day to cater for punctures. The mechanic will carry emergency spares as well.

How does the sweep vehicle work?

The sweep vehicle is there to support issues such as major mechanicals or riders not being able to complete the ride. The sweep team will always try and get you back on the road and help riders to complete the route.

What nutrition is provided at each stop?

This will vary depending on the level of the event. We will provide water, sports drink, gels, snacks and lunch. We use a variety of different sports nutrition providers. If you have a particular product that you like using we recommend that you bring it along.

What kit do I need?

You will need to bring enough clothing to cover yourself for the duration of the trip on and off the bike. You will always always need two 500ml water bottles on your bike. A separate kit list will be distributed prior to the event.

Do I bring my own bike?

The majority of our riders like to use their own bikes but that doesn’t mean we can’t assist in hiring one for you whether you need a road or e-bike. All our trips have mechanics on them (unless specified) who are there to keep you on the road.

We always recommend that all cyclists bring a spare rear mech hanger because of the uniqueness of these parts to each bike. We aren’t able to stock these. We will take your bike back from the event for you to London Welsh RFC.

What speed will the group be riding?

Group Speeds

On our rides we normally have multiple groups that travel at different speeds. Each group has a dedicated ride leader who’s there to navigate, support and keep the group safe. Groups usually leave each morning at regular intervals with a gap between them. The aim here is to ensure we don’t ride in too large a group on the road and becomes a danger to us and other road users.

A, B, C and D groups are the typical designations, and they’re divided by average speed. It’s important to note that “average speed” doesn’t mean you have to maintain that speed minimum the entire time. Instead, it means that you maintain the overall average speed so on the hills you can expect to go below your average speed and on the descents much faster.

Typical speeds based on “rolling terrain,” meaning there are some hills (not flat).

  • A group 12-15 mph or 20 – 24 km/h,
  • B group 15 – 17 mph, or 25 – 28 km/h
  • C group 18 – 20 mph, or 30 – 33 km/h
  • D group 21 – 22 mph, or 32 – 35 km/h

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